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Oskar's Skinny-Fat Transformation

From Skinny-Fat to Jacked: How Oskar Managed to Build The Body of His Dreams

by Dejan Antic | Follow Dejan on Twitter

Being skinny-fat sucks.

Try to bulk and you get fat.

Try to cut down, and you lose that little muscle mass you have.

What’s a skinny-fat guy to do?

Well, today I got a good friend of mine, Oskar Faarkrog, to share his story about how he went from being weak and skinny-fat to looking jacked and awesome.

In this first ever NoBrainerMuscle.com Musclecast, we’re going to dig deep and tell you how you can break your skinny-fat curse once and for all.

How to Gain Muscle, Lose Fat and Look Awesome — Oskar’s Story

Oskar is a former skinny-fat sufferer who managed to break his skinny-fat curse and build the body of his dreams. In this interview you’re going to hear his story and we’re also going to cover a bunch of other things, like:

  • How Oskar lost 60 pounds of fat in 18 months (while keeping his muscle mass intact)
  • How he got compared to an obese Pokemon (and how this got him motivated to slash his fat)
  • The 2 main exercises Oskar used to build muscle while losing fat
  • A better way to do push ups
  • And much, much more …

When you’re done, hop over to Oskar’s website called SkinnyFatTransformation.com and join his newsletter to get the awesome guide called “How to Create the Illusion of Wide Shoulders”. Highly recommended!

And if you have any questions about something we covered in the musclecast, feel free to post them in the comments section below.

We’ll do our best to answer them! :)

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{ 5 comments… read them below or add one }

Gabe Johansson

It’s awesome to see how we can all get great results with different programming and diets.

I’m very analytical and like seeing all the numbers for my food and workouts, and I used to think that was the only way to get real results, but clearly not.

Looking forward to the next show!
-Gabe Johansson



Yeah, at the end of the day it’s the duty of every lifter to figure out what works best for him. This usually takes some time and work to really figure out … it’s energy well spent.

Unfortunately it doesn’t sound sexy since everybody and their mothers want instant results :)

Thanks for the kind words Gabe!



People like Oskar are mesomorphs who had earlier developed skinnyfat physique due to bad eating habits/lack of exercise. Once that was fixed, he became massive and cut. But true skinnyfat people have no hope whatsoever – eat a lot and work out, u gain fat. Eat little and work out, u remain skinny and undermuscled. It is a no win.



Sadly, I see what you mean after looking, again, at his ‘before” pic. I’m searching myself for getting out of my “skinny fat” rut. Imagine his “before” pic with his having, oh, I’d say another 5 or 10 lbs of fat and likely 10 lbs or so (?) less muscle. Yeah, sucks. But I AM GOIN TO FIND A WAY! … Just need to keep researching and not give up. :-{)>



Steve and Al,

Oskar was a typical skinny-fat guy who managed to transform his physique thanks to hard work and patience. He’s a true skinny-fat guy, he ain’t special. With that said, I believe that anyone can break out of their skinny-fat hell by putting in the hard work and being persistent with the good habits. There’s no secret to it really … now get back to training and stop with the researching :)

Actually, if you’re looking for a solid program, I highly encourage you to check out my premium course called Anabolic Rewiring Method. Here you’ll learn everything you need to know to break your skinny-fat curse :)


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