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Can’t Afford Healthy Foods? Try This Tip if You’re Strapped For Cash

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It's All About The Money

Can’t Afford Healthy Foods? Try This Tip if You’re Strapped For Cash

by Dejan Antic | Follow Dejan on Twitter

“But I can’t afford healthy foods.”

This is one of the most common excuses I get, from struggling hardgainers.

Screw that!

I believe that almost anyone can afford healthy foods.

You see, the key to affording healthy foods—which will help you gain muscle mass—is to make sure you fix your money leaks.

What exactly are money leaks and how do you fix them?

Easy, read on to find out.

Make Eating Healthy Cheap, Instantly

Let me ask you a question.

Can you really afford, not to eat healthy?

I mean, just look how many diseases are associated with crappy diets—diabetes, depression, and heart disease, just to name a few.

And all of these nasty diseases, could be easily avoided, if you eat high-quality, healthy foods.

But sure you must argue, healthy foods cost more money. There’s no way in hell that you could eat healthy foods day in, day out … it’d break your bank.

Well, I beg to differ.

You see, when you buy cheap processed crap …  I mean foods … sure, you pay less money up-front, but the thing you need to realize though, is that with every purchase of crappy foods, you also pay a hidden cost—the cost of health.

Here’s how I see it.

Every food’s price is made out of two parts:

  • the physical price (the price you actually pay with your money)
  • and the hidden price (the price you pay with your health)

Here’s a picture of what I mean.

Healthy food is cheaper

So, if you look at it from this perspective, the true cost of crappy foods is way higher, because of the hidden health costs. And while you might get away with eating cheap, crappy foods for now, the higher health cost of eating crappy foods is going to bite you back eventually—worse health and less muscle gains.

Hopefully your perspective about healthy foods is changed now. All it takes for you to make eating healthy cheap instantly, is a change in your perspective.

With that said though, I’d be a fool not to realize that in today’s economy, when people work lousy jobs for shitty pay, it’s hard to cash out on quality foods. I know, for I also have a crappy job that pays little money.

But despite my low salary, I’m still able to afford top-notch food.


Simple, I fixed my biggest money leaks that were leaving me strapped for cash. Once I fixed my money leaks, I went from being broke as a joke, to being able to afford top-notch foods and then some.

Fixing your money leaks is freaking easy. All it takes is 3 simple steps.

How to Fix Your Money Leaks (3 Easy Steps)

First of all, what exactly are money leaks?

In my books, money leaks are activities done in excess, which suck the hard-earned money out of your wallet, without you even knowing it. This money would better be spent on pursuing your goals, like buying quality foods in order to gain muscle mass.

And what’s most interesting about money leaks is that a lot of people know they have them, yet they choose to deny their existence to themselves.

So, when you combine mindless spending with ignorance, you get money leaks.

To give you a better idea of what money leaks are, here are some examples of the most common money leaks:

  • Excessive shopping
  • Excessive partying
  • Eating out every day

Here’s the deal … if you don’t keep tabs on your money leaks, chances are you’ll never be able to afford foods that you so rightfully deserve.

So far, the best solution I came across for fixing your money leaks, is to track your expenses.

By tracking your expenses diligently, you’ll be able identify your biggest money leaks and fix them for good. By fixing your biggest money leaks, you’ll finally be in a better position to afford healthy foods.

Like I mentioned, fixing your money leaks is easy. All it takes for you, is to follow this simple 3-step process.

Step 1: Install & Set-up Toshl

Toshl is a really cool app that allows you to effortlessly keep track of your expenses.

Available on any device—even on Windows mobile, thanks guys—install the app on your smartphone and set up your main expense categories/tiers.

My expenses are divided in two tiers:

  • Top tier—food, gas, business, clothing, leisure, education
  • Secondary tier—junk food, eating out, drinks, cinema, books, etc.

Expense tiers

Here’s how I do it.

If I go grab a snack with my friends in a cool cafe, I’m going to log the meal with the following tags:

  • food—top tier tag
  • eating out—second tier tag


But if I was in a grocery store and I bought some meat and veggies for example, I’d just tag the expense with the food tag.

The cool thing about secondary tier tags, is that they’ll give you a more in-depth look of the structure of your expenses.

Step 2: Identify your money leaks

This will take some time and work, but it’s effort well spent.

In order to identify your biggest money leaks, you should track your expenses for at least 30 days.

Log every dime you spend, since this is the only way to get an accurate picture of your expenses.

And after the 30 days are up, go to the Toshl dashboard and and see which activities are your biggest money leaks.

Step 3: Fix your money leaks

Once you find what your money leaks are, set a budget for those tags and try not to go over it.


If you fix your money leaks, you’ll have more money to spend on healthy foods, guaranteed.

And I kid you not. Once I fixed my biggest money leaks, all of the sudden, I was able to afford healthy foods and I was still able to save some money at the end of the month. And keep in mind though, my pay is really shitty.

So, if I was able to fix my money leaks, so can you.

Your Turn…

Here’s what I want you to do now.

Go install Toshl on your smartphone and track your expenses for 30 days. If you don’t have a smartphone, then just use their web app.

Once the 30 days are up, find out which are your biggest money leaks and set budgets for those tags, to help you curb your spending.

That’s it. It should be pretty straight forward.

Do you have some other tips for helping people fix their money leaks? Any personal experience? Questions?

Share them in the comments section below.

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{ 4 comments… read them below or add one }

Gabe Johansson

Great tips right here!

I’ll have to check out that app, although I’ve had a decent handle on my expenses with other methods. I only spend about 40-50 per week on food for my 2,400 calorie cutting diet, so it’s not too bad. I allow one “fun food” per week and the rest is a great mix of everything.

Keep the great content coming!
-Gabe Johansson



Hey Gabe, thanks for the kind words!

It’s great to hear that you have a decent handle on your expenses–something rare today–but I’d definitely give Toshl a try because it’s freaking awesome.

And when cutting, I also believe that there has to be room for “fun foods” otherwise you can go nuts and go all out on some chocolate :)



Exactly.. and because, at least for now, I find most gyms near where I live are money-gauging, dues-receiving magnets, I’ll settle for bodyweight exercises. Alot money you would otherwise be using to pay for a gym membership that you cannot use 24-7—> to better quality groceries/food



Hey Reza,

I know it sucks to not have a cool gym near you. That’s why I’ve invested in an awesome home gym … available 24/7 and I’m the only guy training there :D


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