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5 Reasons Why You Should Cancel Your Men’s Health Subscription

by Dejan Antic | Follow Dejan on Twitter

Mens Health Abs DietWith so many fitness magazines out there one can only wonder … how the hell can they re-invent the wheel, every single month.

It seems that in every issue, they discover an amazing new workout routine that will put your body into a muscle building overdrive.

Give me a break!

The primary purpose of these health magazines is to sell you routines that don’t work, so when the next issue comes out you’ll be all pumped about the next revolutionary routine, that will finally end your hardgainer days.

This is a never ending cycle, which leaves you frustrated and their bank accounts full of your money.

If you’re serious about getting big or ripped then I recommend you stay away from these “health magazines”.

While it’s OK to read these magazines for entertainment purposes, simply relying on magazines like Men’s Health as your only source of weight lifting advice will get you desperate really fast.

I must say though that in my entire life, I’ve read just a single issue of Men’s Health and that was more than enough.

To be concise, here are the most obvious reasons why you should cancel your Men’s Health subscription first thing tomorrow morning.

Same Old

Same content used in different issues

Reason #1 – Every issue has a lot of recycled material in it

Take a look at the picture to the left (click to enlarge).

As you can see, a lot of issues contain identical articles. This is my biggest beef with these magazines.

I mean, if you’re paying for the content, you deserve quality stuff and not some recycled material.

Reason #2 – They offer poor workout advice

You can sum up the workouts described in magazines like Men’s Health with three words – Pump N’ Tone.

Pump N’ Tone routines will get you nowhere.

Just look at the covers and you’ll immediately realize that most of content is centered around ab training.

You can’t grow big by giving the biggest importance to your abs. In order to grow big and develop your abs at the same time, you should focus on getting stronger on the three big lifts which are:

  • squat,
  • deadlift,
  • bench (dips are also a good alternative).

Remember that size follows strength.

Reason #3 – The front cover models are used for a sneaky tactic

One thing is for sure … the cover models didn’t get their physiques by following the advice found in the magazines they’re posing for.

The front cover models are also photoshopped for maximum effect, which is to make you feel self-conscious. They want you to feel bad when you look at the cover models, because this increases the chances of you buying the magazine.

Reason #4 – Advice about the diet is superficial at best

Most of the information about the diet is just fluff … content offering no real value and which only purpose is to add pages to an issue.

They’re still caught up in the old school bodybuilding dogma of eating many small meals throughout the day in order to “fire up” your metabolism. While eating many small meals is better than stuffing yourself with junk, this is not the best diet to gain muscle.

Reason #5 – The yearly subscription is better spent elsewhere

In my opinion the $25 yearly subscription is better spent on a night out, eating a tasty pizza. It will do you more good than 100 issues of Men’s Health combined.

And besides, by canceling your subscription to such magazines, you’ll save yourself some valuable time and confusion.

What’s your take on fitness magazines? Do you think that health magazines like Men’s Health are actually good for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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While I do think they are sometimes entertaining, they are often misleading, especially for beginners.

It’s kind of like how some “secret” agencies spread misinformation. It’s the truth sandwiched between “lies” and you can’t tell which is which.

So it’s better to stick to blogs that know what they are talking about, such as yours. Keep rocking, Dejan ;)



Tnx for the kind words Henri! :)

Magazines like Men’s Health have simply too much fluff, in order to be taken as serious source of good training and dieting advice for beginners.

Because I grew tired of this mass confusion, I decided to start NoBrainerMuscle. My mission is to make muscle building/fat loss as simple as possible.

No fluff, just practical advice!




Holy identical covers, Batman! Unless you had shown those pictures, I never would have believed it! I really enjoy a lot of the factoids, and that’s why I read men’s health. After the article I saw about Ryan Reynolds, however, I know that Hollywood stars sacrifice more than I would ever be willing to have the bodies they do. A friend of mine is an actor and he has shirtless pictures all over the Internet. He admits that he doesn’t look like that all the time and usually only does when he does photo shoots. Unrealistic for the average individual to expect to look like that all the time, at best. Thanks for the post.



Thanks for the comment!

Really nicely said. The thing people don’t realize about the physiques of the stars is that first of all they have a lot more resources available to get ahold of those awesome physiques than 99.9% of people. Top on that superior gentics combined with some movie making magic and there you have it … a body of a super hero :)

And one more thing to consider is that a lot of actors make use of anabolic steroids in order to get prepped up for the role. Think about it … when there’s a couple of million of dollars at stake and they have just a couple of months to get in shape for the role, they’re not going to risk it. They’ll use anabolic steroids because they know they work.



Another reason… my son received a post card in the mail from Men’sHealth stating that he will not be billed for his “free 3-issue subscription” that he DID NOT order. After receiving 3 issues, he has to CALL TO CANCEL future issues. This makes me so mad when companies put it upon the consumer to call and CANCEL something they never ordered/wanted in the first place. Bogus!



First time I bought mens health was in 2008 just bought one for the calender this week. It hasn’t changed in 7 years, it’s gotten worse. never again!


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