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Anthony Arvanitakis HomeMade Muscle

HomeMade Muscle — How to Be Strong And Lean Without Going to the Gym

by Dejan Antic | Follow Dejan on Twitter

1 major accident.

5 years nailed in bed.

13 operations.

1 leg amputation.

This is what happened to today’s Musclecast guest, Anthony Arvanitakis.

While delivering pizzas on his scooter, Anthony was involved in a traffic accident that costed him his leg.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, during his recovery process–which lasted more than 5 years and involved 13 operations–he got fat, weak and depressed.

But that didn’t discourage him to quit on his dreams.


Motivated by his lifelong passion for physical fitness and sports performance, Anthony decided that he’d get into the best shape of his life, using bodyweight exercises.

Zero excuses.

It took him 2 years, but now he’s built like a Greek God, all thanks to bodyweight training.

And in this Musclecast, Anthony is going to share with us how he did it, and how he manages to stay in tip-top shape year-round.

We’re going to talk about different topics, including:

  • How meditation can help you achieve your physique goals.
  • How Flexible Dieting can help you burn fat, without feeling miserable.
  • Best approaches for building muscle mass with bodyweight training.
  • His new book.
  • And much more.

Check today’s Musclecast, by clicking the play button below.

You can also download this episode by using this link (right click and save).

Anthony is the guy behind the website called HomeMadeMuscle.com, where he shares his story and best approaches for becoming a bodyweight ninja. And he also just released his newest book on Amazon called HomeMade Muscle: All You Need is a Pull up Bar (Motivational Bodyweight Workout Guide), so make sure to check that out too.

Hope you enjoy today’s Musclecast, cause we sure did have fun making it! :)

And as always, questions and comments are always appreciated. Write them in the comments section below.

May the gains be with you,


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Michael jordan

I have been depressed for a while and have a hard time staying motivated because of not seeing results fast enough.



Hang in there buddy and just keep on going to the gym. It takes some time to build muscle mass, learn to enjoy the process :)


Michael jordan

I have been depressed for a while and have a hard time staying motivated because of not seeing results fast enough. My physique is skinny fat if that makes any sense. What should I eat to become leaner and produce muscle mass?


Joel Waters


I’ve finally committed to a full time bodyweight routine. Over the past two weeks I’ve been doing pushups (different variations), dips, pullups/chinups, inverted rows, squats, and sprints. Wow! It’s amazing how I feel after my workouts. I’m already noticing a more “athletic” look instead of a “blocky” look. I love it and it is addictive. I not only feel like my muscles get a better workout, but my cardiovascular system has not had such stress put on on it in quite some time! I really wish I would have put the barbell down and started this training a long time ago! I hope I can continue to make gains/progress. But until I can get to 20 pistols, 20 pullups, 5 muscleups, and 10 one-arm pushups, I’m going to keep charging!! Thanks, again for your encouragement, information, and guidance! I’ll keep you informed (wish I would have started taking before/after pictures). Joel



That’s awesome to hear Joel, keep on training my friend! :)



20 PisTols!??! Not to at all undermine 20 (or even 15 for that matter) pullups- incredibly, you’re harDcore!
I just don’t get why all these fitness instructors, or experienced people w/ videos of pistol squats on Youtube, do not have big-looking legs for the considerable strength needed to pull off even 1 of those reps!!


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