Do you feel like your skinny genes are stopping you from building muscle mass?

If you’ve been training (on and off) for several years now, and you feel like your genes are sabotaging your muscle-building potential, now there’s a way for you to fix that problem.

How important are your genes for building muscle mass?

A lot of guys struggle to build muscle mass since they believe it’s probably because of genetics. The main narrative in their heads goes something like this: “I’m an ectomorph so it’s kind of hard for me to gain muscle mass. I train really hard but I still struggle to gain muscle mass.”

Do you tell yourself the same story?

Well, you’d be surprised to know that you don’t have bad genetics. Actually, there’s a mathematical concept called the Gaussian Distribution, which says you have great genes for building muscle mass.

Without going too technical on you, the Gaussian Distribution says that while there’s a tiny group of genetic freaks who can build muscle mass like crazy, most guys (80+% … that’s where me and you fall in) have perfectly good genes for building amazing physiques.

I mean, I know a lot of guys (myself included) who were able to build amazing physiques despite their “normal” genes. And if they can do it so can you.

So, if it’s not genetics, then what makes muscles grow?

When it comes to muscle shape and muscle insertion, genetics can be a big help, but at the end of the day, genetics don't drive you to the gym.

Smart training and consistency is what really makes muscles grow.

Enter bodyweight training.

Bodyweight training is a great form of smart training. With bodyweight training, your own bodyweight is the only piece of equipment you need to have a great muscle-building workout. And staying consistent with your training is not an issue since you can do bodyweight exercises anywhere—home, office, park, etc.

But unfortunately, when it comes to bodyweight training, there’s a lot of contradicting advice out there that leaves guys confused and hopping from workout program to workout program. And program hopping is the #1 reason why most guys fail to build any muscle mass whatsoever.

So, to build muscle mass with bodyweight exercises, you need to follow a rock-solid, anti program-hopping bodyweight training system.

Presenting Anabolic Rewiring Method

How to Build Muscle Mass With Bodyweight Training

The Anabolic Rewiring Method is a training method that uses proven training strategies and synergistic exercise combinations in easy to follow workout routines to help you build muscle without ever lifting a dumbbell.

Even if you’ve never been big, and you seriously doubt whether it’s possible to build a great physique drug-free, then the Anabolic Rewiring Method will help you unlock your dormant muscle-building potential with the help of bodyweight training.

Here's what you will learn.

You will learn which are the best bodyweight exercises and how to use them in a minimalistic workout plan for maximum muscle growth. You’ll also learn about the optimal rep ranges, training volume, how many days per week you have to work out, etc. If you follow the Anabolic Rewiring Method, you’re going to build that extra muscle mass without running round in circles.

  1. ​Find out which are the only 5 bodyweight exercises you’ll ever need to build muscle mass (you can do them all in your house!)
  2. 5 Bodyweight Workouts to help you go from noob to bodyweight ninja in a matter of weeks (complete with exact sets, reps, rest periods, volume and training frequency)
  3. How to build up your legs, without ever touching a barbell (Yes, it’s possible!)
  4. How this one mobility exercise warms up your whole body in less than 5 minutes (no more 20+ minute warm-up/mobility sessions!)
  5. 5 Training Tools every serious bodyweight athlete should have

Plus the Premium Bonuses:

Anabolic Rewiring Diet

The last diet guide for building muscle you’ll ever need. This is the end result of 7+ years worth of nutritional experimentation. How much to eat, how much protein, when to eat carbs, must-have supplements and more—all answered in this nutritional cheat sheet.

Calorie Counting Made Easy

How to count calories without going crazy. The exact system I use for counting calories that saves me time and energy. Long gone are the days of food scales, calorie charts and calculators. With my method for counting calories, you'll log all of your daily food in 3 minutes or less.


  • A BS ebook full of fluff. Most guides in the fitness niche are full of fluff, just to beef up the page count. Anabolic Rewiring Method focuses on simple bodyweight exercises that work in order to help you take massive action.
  • A hard to understand, hard to follow workout routine. I’m not going to confuse you with complicated routines. The training routines are minimalistic in nature, which means that they work like a charm and are very easy to follow.
  • For guys who are not willing to put in the work. Please don't buy this guide if you're not serious about putting in the work. Andrew Carnegie (steel magnate) said it best: "Anything in life worth having is worth working for."

And here's what customers have to say about the Anabolic Rewiring Method:

“I had no idea that the Anabolic Rewiring Method could be this effective. I can feel my muscles working, I can see a definite change in the shape of my body. It’s definitely a lot more athletic looking even just after a few weeks of training.”

"Before I came across the Anabolic Rewiring Method, I was just kind of following the old protocol of 3 days per week, lift heavy, doing your 3x5’s heavy lifting with the big barbell exercises and that sort of thing. And I mean, it obviously worked, but I had no idea how effective bodyweight training would be. I feel better now after 3 or 4 weeks of following the Anabolic Rewiring Method than I have ever felt as far as doing resistance type training.

I can feel my muscles working, I can see a definite change in the shape of my body, it’s definitely a lot more athletic looking even just after a few weeks. My chest has never been easily developed, but now I’m starting to tell that my chest is finally starting to grow, even after years of doing of bench press and things like that. From all of those pull-ups I’ve been doing, my lats are getting bigger and my forearms and my grip are getting a lot stronger. My legs and my butt, my glutes look bigger, fuller and feel stronger from doing assisted pistol squats at this point than I have ever felt even from getting under a squat bar with 325 or 330 pounds and doing heavy squats. And my joints feel good, I feel fresher every day … it’s just different.

Your confidence plus your overall knowledge of bodyweight training is pretty superb. A lot of trainers talk about bodyweight training, but they really don’t show in great detail what you’re trying to accomplish. And if they are doing that, they don’t express a lot of confidence in their training system.

The progressions you lay out are easy to follow and for overall health and longevity, the exercises that you’ve chosen are very effective. You didn’t go wild and crazy and chose bodyweight exercises that only gymnasts can do. The advice in the Anabolic Rewiring Method can apply to most basic of learners and beginners in the exercise world, as well as advanced people who have been training and weight training for years and years.

Also, your accessibility … my gosh. You send out an email or you put a new article on your site and if I have a question about it or whatever, I mean it’s like within 24 you’re there to reply and answer the question, give advice and everything else. That’s just pretty remarkable.

Like I said, I would encourage the very basic beginner to use the Anabolic Rewiring Method, all the way up to people who’ve been training for a long time. Because once again, I think that the explanations and the training details are laid out in a format that’s very understandable, logical and you can progress on the workout routines for a long time."

Joel WatersFinancial advisor, USA

"In the last month and a half of following the Anabolic Rewiring Method, I went from 170 pounds to 180 pounds and at the same time, I was able to go from 12% down to 9% body fat while doing it."

There's so many workouts and routines out there that I've tried in the past with little results, so I was kind of skeptical at first that Anabolic Rewiring Method could be the same thing. I feared that it would take me ages to get through the guide and the workout routine, but once I bought the Anabolic Rewiring Method, I realized that the main workout doesn’t take more than 40 to 45 minutes. And the best thing about the main workout is that it’s simple and easy to follow.

Actually, the thing I liked the most about the Anabolic Rewiring Method is the ease of use. You don’t overwhelm the trainee with a 4 day workout plan, with 10 different exercises each day. You keep it simple by saying to stick to the 5 basic bodyweight exercises that give you the most bang for your buck. I really like that since I don’t have time really to go to the gym, because I work 60 to 70 hours per week selling insurance so this also gave me the ease of being able to do the routine in my house.

And I’m really happy with the results so far. In the last month and a half of following the Anabolic Rewiring Method, I went from 170 pounds to 180 pounds and at the same time, I was able to go from 12% down to 9% body fat while doing it. I've also gone from being able to do 2 pull-ups to now being able to do 9 pull-ups and from 12 bench dips I’m now able to do 20 bench dips for all four sets. Push-ups, I was able to go from 28 to a total of 45 push-ups in all three sets.

I'm kind of limited when it comes to the training equipment, but I’m planing to get that pull-up bar and the dip station you recommend in the guide, so I won’t have to do bench dips on my couch and my table anymore. :)

And I actually really enjoyed the diet portion that comes with the Premium Package. Figuring out the meals has helped me a lot with building muscle mass and dropping my body fat percentage. That was probably the most important thing for me.

Furthermore, I like how you talk about how to progress, once you’re able to do 12 to 15 pull-ups all in one go and how to progress with other exercises. I feel that with the Anabolic Rewiring Method I have a lot of room to grow, since you also talk about how to combine bodyweight training with weight training.

I would absolutely recommend the Anabolic Rewiring Method to my friends because, first of all, the results. You know, I've gotten really good results. In high school I used to weigh 150 pounds and in college I got to 160 but I wasn't able to get through that point with other workout routines. But when I started with the Anabolic Rewiring Method, the results just came quickly for me and it just keeps on just going. So I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who's interested in building muscle mass with bodyweight exercises. The results speak for themselves.

James Smith
James SmithInsurance salesman, USA

"I recommend Dejan's approach for all the genetically average guys out there who are struggling to build muscle mass."

"When I first stumbled upon Dejan's website I though it just was a typical barbell strength training blog. But after getting to know him and recording a podcast together I realized that the guy also knows his way around bodyweight exercises. Sure, there are a lot of people doing all kinds of fancy stuff on YouTube today but very few really understand the science behind everything. This makes his approach valid for everyone and not only the few genetically blessed guys out there. I also like how he focuses on perfect form in everyone of his resources. This is crucial for injury avoidance.

I recommend Dejan's resource for all the genetically average guys out there who are struggling to build muscle mass.​"

Anthony Arvanitakis

“The difference between Dejan and other fitness gurus is that he's open to new ideas and regularly tries new approaches to fitness. This combination of being open to new approaches to fitness and actually testing them makes him a very knowledgeable resource for hardgainers that want to gain muscle mass. And most importantly: he has been in YOUR shoes before, so he knows how to get from A to B without wasting time on inefficient workouts and diets.”

Oskar faarkrog

"I like Dejan because he walks the walk."

I like Dejan because he walks the walk. He started out with a shitty physique (sorry Dejan!) but didn't let that discourage him from doing a ton of self-experimentation, finding out what worked and then staying consistent with that until he had a good physique. Most people won't do that. I also think he's an all-round cool guy, someone who's very motivated and who has a no b.s. attitude to getting things done.

Ludvig Sunström


Check it out for yourself. You get a 365 Days, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Give the advice in the guide a honest try and if you feel that it’s not working out for you, just send me an email and I’ll give you your money back with a smile. If you’re wondering if this guide is worth it, I’m confident to say that if you stick to the workout routines, you’re going to build muscle mass without ever touching a dumbbell.

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