NoBrainer Muscle is not your average fitness site. Expect quality information. Expect quality results. It's a no-brainer.

So, how can I help you?

No Brainer MuscleHi, my name is Dejan Antic and I’m responsible for the stuff you see on this website. No Brainer Muscle exists for a simple reason – to serve as a resource of practical and easy to use information, for people that are struggling to reach their fitness goals.

Why should you even listen to me?

Well, I’m a hardgainer (bad case) which means that adding muscle mass on my frame is quite a difficult task. I’ve pushed through the initial stages of drudgery and I’ve managed to achieve a certain degree of success (as you can see below – Before&After Pic).

Hardgainer Before After

By being a hardgainer I’m also on the same boat as most of the weight trainees. The good thing about being a hardgainer is that if something works for me, there’s a high probability that the same thing will work for you.

I’m not a fitness guru nor am I pretending to be one. I have however tried countless training routines, dieting approaches, supplements, sleeping patterns and a bunch of other stuff so I know what I’m talking about. I’m passionate about this subject so I’m constantly testing new stuff, reading new studies, books, etc.

There is so much misinformation out there. I hope I can dispel some of the myths and really help you transform your body and life for the better.

So to recap, my goals with No Brainer Muscle are to help you:

  • set optimal fitness goals
  • gain awesome muscle mass
  • shed body fat in a safe way
  • develop ironclad discipline

That’s all I have to say for now. If you ever have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.